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At Diamore Diamonds Dallas - Wholesale Diamonds and Custom Diamond Rings, you can design your own custom diamond ring in white or yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold. You can choose among many different styles for custom made rings, including solitaires, double halo, diamond rings with side stones, three-stone settings, 3 stone diamond rings, and custom halo diamond rings. Another popular option for custom made diamond rings is to choose a style that has a matching wedding band sets.

If you want even more control of custom designing your custom made diamond rings, we can also design a new ring for you based on another piece of jewelry that you saw. For example, you might have a family heirloom that you'd like to use as the model for an engagement ring.

For more than 20 years, we have been serving Dallas, Texas and provided customers with a large selection of diamond jewelry. In our showroom in Dallas, Texas at the WORLD TRADE CENTER, you'll also find a large selection of loose diamonds. Based on the cut, color and size of your custom made ring, you'll find the perfect diamond in our Diamore Diamonds Dallas jewelry store. We also have a great collection of diamond jewelry to browse for ideas for your custom ring.

How do I start the custom design process?
Come in anytime. You don’t need an appointment, as we always have someone on staff with custom design expertise. We’ll discuss your ideas, and with our experience, make suggestions and help guide you as we clarify a design you love.
What are the steps of the design process?
The steps are:The design consultation, which we do together, usually in the store.Making the computerized model and sending you a rendering (computer image of your jewelry). This process takes about four weeks, but sometimes can be done in less time.Review and discussion of the rendering. If adjustments are desired, we will change the model and send you a new rendering. Diamore Diamonds Dallas - Wholesale Diamonds and Custom Diamond Rings creates a wax model with our computerized milling machine.We create a mold and cast metal into the mold.We assemble any parts of your jewelry, set any diamonds or gemstones, polish and finish your jewelry!
How long does it take to make a piece of custom jewelry?
Please allow two weeks, although in certain circumstances we can finish your jewelry in one week.
How much does a piece of custom jewelry cost?
Custom jewelry costs a little more because of creating a unique design especially for you. The additional cost is about $150.00 to $300.00 for almost all custom pieces. Some simple pieces will be less. More complicated pieces, especially with intricate designs and many gems will be more. Many designs do not need a custom design (model, render, mold and casting), and we can save you money by finding a mounting for you.
Is there a less expensive alternative to custom designed jewelry?
Yes! We have extensive catalogs of mountings (jewelry without the stones) for you to select from. Because these mountings are already created, this option approximately reduces the price by the design fee.